Stuck? Bored? Unfulfilled?

Reclaim Your Life!

Thousands of individuals suffer from what we call “Job Stuck!”

“Job Stuck” Symptoms:


You have it all… except the love for the job

Maybe… you stay in your job because you have financial obligations and debt payments that need to be met

Maybe… you hang on because you have tons of vacation and a matched contribution pension plan

Maybe… the thought of taking that first step creates confusion and gut wrenching anxiety


If you are reading this.. you have already decided you are ready to honour that inner screaming need to make a change!

Give yourself permission to find peace and get excited again!

As your coach, Ursula will create a safe platform for you to reclaim your life and discover new opportunities that will knock your socks off!
Unique reasons to pick Ursula to be your coach:
*Courageous Survivor (She’s been where you are … a time or two!)
*Driving Motivator (She believes in you!)
*Sense of Humour (Laughter heals)
*Leading Facilitator (She walks with you on your journey)
*Experience in manufacturing, oil & gas, engineering, government, education, and non-profit.
(It helps!)
Take that leap of faith and contact Ursula today!