Take the Risk ~ Feel the Freedom

It’s all about taking a risk and landing safely.

ShiftAction Coaching was built on a guiding principle that honours the struggle many individuals have when they feel stuck and the thought of making a change takes them to the very edge of their comfort zone.

The ShiftAction Coaching Guiding Principle:

Every time I have taken a risk, it has never turned out as I expected… in fact, it has always turned out far better and more exciting that I could have imagined!  Consequently; I find myself taking risks, feeling the fear and doing it anyway… I live, I laugh, and learn!


To safely and respectfully guide individuals on their journey to workplace freedom and peaceful living.


ShiftAction Coaching adheres to a code of ethics that honours confidentiality as you walk the path of change
Every step of your journey with ShiftAction Coaching will be in a safe environment and met with kind thoughtfulness
You will learn the joy of discovery as you explore a new world with a sense of curiosity
The path you walk upon will open doors and reveal adventures that excite your mind and lead you to new places
When it seems the road has ended a new spark of hope and confidence will seemingly come from nowhere to guide you around the next corner
The journey will be calm and peaceful as you venture into a new belonging