Program Options and Fees

At ShiftAction Coaching we are very happy to work with you through
face to face, email, and/or phone conversations and
we provide regular feedback, and followup.  


“Reclaim Your Life” Program

Kick-Start the Life You Yearn For! 

LENGTH:  4 hours

FEE:  $280

Fall in Love With Your Job Again!

Please inform ShiftAction Coaching of your desire to undertake this direction and we will incorporate it as part of the Kick-Start program process.

FEE:  $0

“Guided Job Search” Program

Opening Your Toolbox

LENGTH:  2 hours

FEE:  $150

Exploring Choices and Opportunities

LENGTH:  2 hours

FEE:  $150


LENGTH:  2 hours

FEE:  $150

Landing Pad Precision

LENGTH:  2 hours

FEE:  $150 

Complete “Guided Job Search” Program

Includes all 4 modules

LENGTH:  8 hours

FEE:  $560

Individual Exploration Sessions

Maybe these programs are not exactly a fit for you right now.  At ShiftAction Coaching we help you find what you are looking for by coaching and encouraging you to explore new opportunities and open new doors!  Contact us for a customized fee structure that will suit your budget and timeline!

Payment Options

  • We provide a detailed account of each hour of time charged.
  • Notification will be provided when time is running out.
  • Fees are payable upon agreement of the service relationship and paid up front.
  • Agreement of the relationship via response by email is acceptable and must define preferred service and fee.
  • ShiftAction Coaching accepts payment via e-mail transfer (EMT), Square Reader, or PayPal.
  • All quoted prices are subject to GST


By engaging in the services of ShiftAction Coaching, it is understood and agreed that individual success is based on the amount of personal time, engagement, and commitment a client makes to the process.  Under no circumstances does ShiftAction Coaching guarantee any preconceived level of success or employment. 

ShiftAction Coaching is committed to our guiding principles and your satisfaction; therefore, if at any time either party is dissatisfied with the agreed services a refund of 100% of unused hours paid will be happily refunded upon written request, one week prior to termination.

Thank you for choosing ShiftAction Coaching!

Contact us below with questions and assistance in choosing the right option for you!

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Other payments accepted:  EMT