“Guided Job Search” Program

Below you will find a series of modules that build on each other to create the ultimate in job search success.  Each module can be taken independently, if desired.

Opening Your Toolbox

Do you really know what you bring to the table?  Define what’s in your toolbox and gain confidence in yourself!

1. Shaping Your Skills Inventory:
Every person is amazingly unique; however, most people struggle to put into words what makes them unique. Overcome the uncomfortable feelings of acknowledging what you do well and open your toolbox to discover the hidden gems within.

2. Organizing Your Toolbox and Developing a Portfolio:
Because you will discover many skills and attributes in your toolbox that you have gained in your years of life, work, and play, you will need to categorize them. Organize your toolbox into areas of interests, skills, abilities, and knowledge to make them accessible for future use.

Exploring Choices and Opportunities

Getting where you are going takes some exploration! You will begin to open doors and find opportunities you never knew existed!

1. Exploring Industries and Occupations:
The world holds vast opportunities and all you have to do is some exploring to find the ones that fit you! You will open new doors you never knew existed and discover amazing opportunities waiting for you.

2. Narrowing the Gap:
With so many options you will want to narrow down your search and decide on the top few industries and occupations you most want to explore deeper and get closer to your landing spot!


The #1 most important element to your success! You have narrowed the gap and now you will get excited to find and reach out to people and make connections that will build your network.

1. Learning the Art of Networking:
It’s not as daunting as you think! Change the mindset and watch the relationships grow! This is exciting; even if you are an introvert!

2. LinkedIn:
Get noticed, research, and build your network! If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, we’ll help you set one up. If you do have one, we’ll help you enhance it!

3. The Art of Curious Conversations:
“Informational Interviews”… at ShiftActionCoaching.com we call them “Curious Conversations” because you aren’t interviewing! And, you are not selling anything! You will learn to confidently approach people in your chosen industry and companies and have comfortable, curious conversations while building new relationships and discovering new opportunities!

4. Maintaining Connections:
Networking is all about building relationships and you will maintain and nurture your network so it becomes you first “go to” place when you need advice, support, and connection. It works in reverse too, where you will be sought out for your expertise.

Landing Pad Precision

Every step along the way prepares you for a precise landing. With all the pieces in place, your confidence lifts you to new levels and you are ready!

1. Targeting Your Resumes and Cover Letters:
The right tools will make any job much easier to complete. It’s no different with resumes and cover letters. You will come away with a distinct set of resumes and cover letters that are directly targeted to the jobs and companies you have identified as places you want to be.

Don’t struggle with formatting and wording… we’ve got you covered!

2. Interviewing Comfortably:
When you’ve done the work, the interview is not intimidating! Through practice and research you are ready to nail that important interview and land the job.

3. Landing It!
Everything is ready! You’ve done your work and you are rocking it! All stones have been turned. The job offer is in hand. Learn what to negotiate and what to accept.

4. Staying Power:
You’ve accepted the job! Gain the tools you need to keep it.

NOTE: Time may vary, dependent on personal commitment and engagement